Fresh Start

Every couple of years I scrap all of my themes.

It’s not because what I’ve done is bad, or I can’t be bothered to keep it updated, it’s that I’ve gotten a lot better at this; I want all the themes I publish to be tip-top quality, using current and future-proof technologies, and to be in line with my current skillset and style.

But this time that’s not all I want to do, I want to challenge the way tumblr themes are made. I want my themes to be the most flexible, versatile themes on the market without compromising their quality or load time. So I’ve spent the last 3 months working on that and now have some super nerdy, but incredibly cool, technology to back up that idea. (I’d love to go into it but this isn’t the place, if you’re curious please email me!)

So let me present to you Generation 4 of Pour Être Belle Themes. And this one’s going to stick.

We’re starting small, just one premium theme and one free theme, but trust me this is the foundation of a great empire. I plan on adding a theme every week, alternating between free and premium, until I’ve made every layout you can possibly think of – sign up for our newsletter to stay updated.

Can I access your old themes?

For a while you’ll be able to access all my free generation 3 themes on the theme garden. In time I will take them down because I’ll have enough themes on here that do everything the old ones did and more, but since we’re starting small you can have them for a while.

I bought one of your premium themes, can I still get support for it?

Yes, please email me if you need any help. I won’t be actively updating these themes but I’d never abandon you! And as an extra bonus, if you’ve bought any theme of mine before you can get a 50% discount on the new ones, just click here.

I’ll level with you, change can be difficult, please message me or tweet me or email me if you feel traumatised in any way by this message.