• Customisable Layout

    Choose any amount of columns with any post width, customise post margins and padding. Make some posts double or triple the width using tags or every X posts. Have posts shrink to fit page or limited to any content width.

  • Header Appearance

    Don't like headers? Ok, have the header display as a post, or a double-width post. Do like headers? Have it fixed to the top so you can always see it.

  • Photoset Layout

    Display photosets the normal mosaic way with a custom image margin, as separate images, as only the first image, or as a slideshow that slides or fades, with arrows or dots or that changes automatically. Can be chosen blog-wide or curated on a post-by-post basis using special tags.

  • Customisable Layout

    Chose any post height and margin, if the post height exceeds the window height it will shrink to fit.

  • Header Display

    Some people prefer sidebars, some people prefer headers. Some like it stuck to the page, others like it to scroll along with the page.

  • Permalink Display

    Permalinks can be displayed as buttons or as overlays, or both, or neither, when hovered over or not. They can be animated, buttons can be repositioned, so many options.