Customisable Layout

Choose any post height, post padding, post margins and post width (for text, link, quote and chat posts). If the post height exceeds the available space it will shrink to fit.

Header Appearance

Header can be displayed either at the top of the page (static or fixed when scrolling) or as a sidebar (also static or fixed when scrolling). The header can be aligned to the left, right or center. When displayed as a sidebar there is an option for its height to match the post height, and as a header for its width to match the page width. There are various colour, margin and padding options for further customisation.

Separated Notes

The traditional display of notes doesn’t give off any useful information, so we’ve developed a method of splitting them into comments (which includes reblogs with commentary and post replies), likes and reblogs. This makes it easier to see any additional information hidden in user’s replies and reblogs.

In Alcyone each notes section displays as similarly to a text post. If you’d rather stick to traditional notes, there’s an option for that.

Permalink Display

Alcyone’s permalink area comes in two parts – the permalink buttons (like, reblog, zoom, and a plus symbol) and the permalink overlay (contains post date, note information, and optionally a post’s caption and its tags).

The permalink buttons can always be visible or be shown when hovering over a post, and the overlay can be shown by clicking the plus button, or when hovering over a post, or not at all (in that case clicking the plus button redirects you to the permalink page). The overlay can be animated to slide down or fade in, contract naturally to its contents or stretch the entire height of the post. There are also various options for the buttons’ position, size, colour and the overlay’s padding, colours, opacity etc.