Customisable Layout

Any dimension can be modified – post width, left/right sidebar width, post margin, the margin between photos in photosets – and many more.

This theme works with sidebar widgets, each of which has options to display in the left or right sidebar, as a dropdown or open widget. Logo, blog title and description widgets also have an option to be displayed in the header. If any area is widget-less it won’t be visible. You can align the whole blog to the left, right or center of the page.

No matter how you decide to layout your blog, on small screens it will condense into one column, looking great on any device.

Social Integration

Gradior’s most powerful feature is its social widgets. You can integrate Twitter, Instagram, Flickr, Soundcloud, Dribbble, Youtube, Vimeo and Last.fm into the sidebars, and each comes with added options for its display, like the amount of photos/videos from each network to display.

Besides Social networks, there are also widgets for your blog’s description, links, search, likes, and followings.

Separated Notes

Your notes can be split into separate sections for comments (which includes reblogs with commentary and post replies), likes and reblogs. This makes it easier to see any additional information hidden in user’s replies and reblogs. Of course if you prefer the traditional way, there’s an appearance option for that.

Photoset Layout

Besides tumblr’s mosaic layout (which you can change the image margin of) you can chose to display the images separately or only the first one, or one of our advanced slideshow options. The slideshow will grow/shrink to fit the image perfectly. Slideshows can be displayed with a row of thumbnails above them, or dots or arrows for navigation.

Photoset display defaults can be chosen through appearance options but also on a post-by-post basis using tags such as ‘photoset-slideshow-dots’.

All photoset displays benefit from tumblr’s photoset lightbox which can be activated by clicking on a photo or the zoom button in the post’s permalink.