Alcyone Appearance Options

Can be manipulated with the background image style and background image position options.
Header Background
Can be manipulated with the header background image style and header background image position options.
Post Background
Shown in header above the blog's title, use Hide Blog Title to replace the textular title with this logo.
Used mostly for textual accents - horizontal rules, blockquotes, dashes before lists, tags and for the loading spinner.
For titles in text, link and quote posts.
Header Background
Can be hidden with the transparent header background option.
Header Text
Social Icons
Social Icons Background
Visibility dependant on the Social Link Display option.
Post Background
This is for the content of text, link, quote, and chat posts. Can be hidden with the transparent post background option.
Post Scrollbar
For when text, link, quote and chat posts exceed the post height.
Text Post Permalink Buttons
For the plus, like and reblog buttons in text, link, quote and chat posts.
Media Post Permalink Buttons
For the plus, like, reblog and zoom buttons in photo, photoset, video and audio posts.
Can be overridden with the Font Family Body text option.
Post Titles
Can be overridden with the Font Family Post Titles text option.
Blog Title
Can be overridden with the Font Family Blog Title text option.
Background Image Style
  • Repeat will tile image.
  • Fixed Repeat will tile image and not move on page scroll.
  • No Repeat will display image once.
  • Fixed No Repeat will display image once and not move on page scroll.
  • Cover will scale image to fill whole page and not move on page scroll.
Background Image Position
Center, Top Left, Top Right, Bottom Left or Bottom Right. For repeating or covering backgrounds center should be used.
Header Background Image Style
Same options as Background Image Style.
Header Background Image Position
Same options as Background Image Position.
Header Display
  • Sidebar will display as a post but not adopt post styling, and so can be distinguished with options such as header background, header text and header padding.
  • Fixed Sidebar will resemble previous but will stay fixed to the page when scrolling.
  • Header will show the information across the top of the page, in this case the posts will no longer be vertically centered but show directly beneath the header.
  • Fixed Header will look the same as previous but will stay fixed when scrolling.
Header Align
Left, Center or Right. Will also apply if header is displayed as a sidebar.
Tags Display
  • Normal displays as a tag shape.
  • Plain shows tags as plain text prepended with a hash symbol.
  • None hides tags on the index page.
Infinite Scroll
When deactivated navigation takes the form of full-post-height arrows in line with the content.
Transparent Header Background
Transparent Post Background
Full Width Header
The header width will naturally contract to fit its content, meaning if you have a header background it won't extend the whole width of the page unless you have a long sentence in your description, for example. Activate this for a banner-style header, (you may want to set header margin to 0 as well).
Full Height Sidebar
The sidebar height will naturally contract to fit its contents, so if it has a background it will not be shown as the same height as the posts unless this is activated. This can look good with the header display option set to 'fixed sidebar' and a header background color.
Hide RSS Icon
The one natural link in the social links display. Destroy it.
Hide Blog Title
Hide Description
Hide Twitter
Hide Caption
Hides caption on the permalink overlay, not on the permalink page.
Hide Album Art
Hide Zoom Button
Hide Like Button
Hide Reblog Button
Inverse Tumblr Controls
Instead of the tumblr buttons at the top right of the screen showing as grey buttons with white text, activating this will show them as white buttons with black text. It's not really recommended because it goes against tumblr's aesthetics but if you want a more minimal display here's an option.
Light Youtube Player
Show youtube embeds in video posts with a pale action bar.
Classic Post Notes
Display notes like on the dashboard in one list instead of having them separated into blocks for comments, likes and reblogs.
Override Scroll Action
This option enables a script which makes vertical scrolling gestures scroll the page horizontally. This improves UX but can be distracting.
Font Size
Size of body text in pixels (but you don't need to put the 'px'). It's not recommended to be less than 11 or more than 20.
Titles Font Size Ratio
This is the ratio between the size of normal text and titles. I'd recommend somewhere between 1.5 and 2.3.
Font Embed Code
For embedding custom fonts from services like Google Fonts and Typekit. Paste your embed code here and fill in the next couple of field with the font names (e.g. 'Source Sans Pro, sans-serif').
Font Family Body
Overrides Body font.
Font Family Post Titles
Overrides Post Titles font.
Font Family Blog Title
Overrides Blog Title font.
Header Margin
Header Padding
Post Height
Can be anything, the right-sized images will be loaded dynamically. If this value exceeds the height of the available space the height will be limited to the window height (or the window height minus the header height if header display is set to header or fixed header), this can be used to make dramatic, full-screen displays.
Maximum Text Post Width
This limits the width of text, link, quote and chat posts.
Custom Page Width
Custom pages look the same as text posts, but this can be used to give them more horizontal space. This width is also used for post notes if classic post notes is activated.
Post Margin
Space between posts. If post height exceeds the window height this margin is also at the top and bottom of the content.
Post Padding
Padding inside text, link, quote, and chat posts. Useful if you have a small post margin to distinguish blocks of text, and if you have a different post background to page background.
Photoset Image Margin
Space between images in photoset posts.
Disqus Shortname
For Disqus comment integration.
Analytics ID
Tracking ID for Google Analytics.
Clicky ID
Tracking ID for Clicky.
You can also enter urls for any of the following social media sites which will show as icons in the theme: